Welcome to the CPA.com Client Accounting Services (CAS) Self-Assessment

This CAS Firm Self-Assessment tool was designed to help your firm build or fine-tune a successful CAS practice. The process will first look at your vision for your firm’s CAS practice, then examine firm operational issues to identify potential hurdles your firm may face as your CAS practice matures. We will share best practices and resources you might consider utilizing to help you avoid or address those hurdles. Based on the responses provided, we create your firm’s report, indicating whether your firm appears to be on track and utilizing CAS best practices. If concerns are found, this report will highlight areas that might become problematic over time and steps you can take to mitigate them.

While we are confident that it will be valuable for one person to fill out this assessment, run the report and review it, we recommend that two people complete the assessment questionnaire in order for the report to provide you the most in-depth perspective as to how you are operating as compared to best practices. In the report, if there are two respondents, we will also compare the responses to verify agreement or disagreement on their respective visions for the CAS practice, as well as how well the firm responds organizationally and operationally to the needs of the CAS practice. In a perfect world, the two respondents should be the CAS service line leader, and the person to whom the CAS line leader reports (in many firms, this might be the Managing Partner, or a Regional Managing Partner, an office Managing Partner, a member of the Executive Committee, or another decision-making position). But you can compare the responses of any two people, like two CAS leaders or two executive leaders, and the report generated should still provide value.

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